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MOTOR GEARHEAD 1RPH. Part № 82 334 5. Manufactured by Crouzet

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Data Sheet Single Direction Synchronous geared motors Data Sheet
Manufacturer Crouzet
Power Rating 3 W
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Shaft Length 10mm
Depth 65.9mm
Maximum Output Torque 0.5 Nm
Output Speed 1 rph
Supply Voltage 230 Vac
Length 41.65mm
Width 55.5mm
Gearhead Type Ovoid
Rotation Anti Clockwise
AC Motor Type Synchronous
Manufacturer Crouzet  Manufacturer Crouzet  Power Rating 3 W  Power Rating 3 W  Shaft Diameter 4mm  Shaft Diameter 4mm  Shaft Length 10mm  Shaft Length 10mm  Depth 65.9mm  Depth 65.9mm  Maximum Output Torque 0.5 Nm  Maximum Output Torque 0.5 Nm  Output Speed 1 rph  Output Speed 1 rph  Supply Voltage 230 Vac  Supply Voltage 230 Vac  Length 41.65mm  Length 41.65mm  Width 55.5mm  Width 55.5mm  Gearhead Type Ovoid  Gearhead Type Ovoid  Rotation Anti Clockwise  Rotation Anti Clockwise  AC Motor Type Synchronous  AC Motor Type Synchronous 
Product Information:

Synchronous geared motors_5060639_Clust

Bi-directional synchronous geared motors 0.42 W - 0.5 Nm

Range of unidirectional (clockwise or anticlockwise) synchronous geared motors.
These geared motors have a non-return system to prevent problems occurring when stopping.

Supply voltage:230 Vac
Frequency:50 Hz
Torque:5 U / min:  500 mNm
 6 U / min:  500 mm
 15 U / min:  250 mNm
 20 U / min:  180 mNm
Power consumption:3.5 W
Motor output power:0.42 W
Output shaft with or without flat:Ø 4 mm
Shaft excess (relative to the support face):13.2 mm
Wire length:250 mm approx.
Weight:210 g
Operating temperature:–5 °C → +60 °C

AC Synchronous Geared Motor

Manufactured by Crouzet

MOTOR GEARHEAD 1RPH. Part № 82 334 5. Manufactured by Crouzet