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MOTOR GEARHEAD 1RPH. Part № 82 334 5. Manufactured by Crouzet

Documents available:
Data Sheet Single Direction Synchronous geared motors Data Sheet
Manufacturer Crouzet
Power Rating 3 W
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Shaft Length 10mm
Depth 65.9mm
Maximum Output Torque 0.5 Nm
Output Speed 1 rph
Supply Voltage 230 Vac
Length 41.65mm
Width 55.5mm
Gearhead Type Ovoid
Rotation Anti Clockwise
AC Motor Type Synchronous
Manufacturer Crouzet  Power Rating 3 W  Shaft Diameter 4mm  Shaft Length 10mm  Depth 65.9mm  Maximum Output Torque 0.5 Nm  Output Speed 1 rph  Supply Voltage 230 Vac  Length 41.65mm  Width 55.5mm  Gearhead Type Ovoid  Rotation Anti Clockwise  AC Motor Type Synchronous 
Product Information:

Synchronous geared motors_5060639_Clust

Bi-directional synchronous geared motors 0.42 W - 0.5 Nm

Range of unidirectional (clockwise or anticlockwise) synchronous geared motors.
These geared motors have a non-return system to prevent problems occurring when stopping.

Supply voltage:230 Vac
Frequency:50 Hz
Torque:5 U / min:  500 mNm
 6 U / min:  500 mm
 15 U / min:  250 mNm
 20 U / min:  180 mNm
Power consumption:3.5 W
Motor output power:0.42 W
Output shaft with or without flat:Ø 4 mm
Shaft excess (relative to the support face):13.2 mm
Wire length:250 mm approx.
Weight:210 g
Operating temperature:–5 °C → +60 °C

AC Synchronous Geared Motor

Manufactured by Crouzet

MOTOR GEARHEAD 1RPH. Part № 82 334 5. Manufactured by Crouzet