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ALTISTART 110A 400V, ATS48C11Q. Part № ATS48C11Q. Manufactured by Telemecanique

Documents available:
Data Sheet Altistart 48 User Manual
Instruction Sheet Altistart 48 Telemecanique
Manufacturer Telemecanique
Power Rating 18.5 → 37kW
Overall Depth 290mm
Current Rating 110 A
Control Voltage 220 → 415 V
Supply Voltage 230 → 415 V
Overall Length 235mm
Voltage 230 → 400Vac
IP Rating IP20
Phase Three Phase
Maximum Operating Temperature 40°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C
Voltage Rating 415 V
Overall Width 190mm
Manufacturer Telemecanique  Manufacturer Telemecanique  Power Rating 18.5 → 37kW  Power Rating 18.5 → 37kW  Overall Depth 290mm  Overall Depth 290mm  Current Rating 110 A  Current Rating 110 A  Control Voltage 220 → 415 V  Control Voltage 220 → 415 V  Supply Voltage 230 → 415 V  Supply Voltage 230 → 415 V  Overall Length 235mm  Overall Length 235mm  Voltage 230 → 400Vac  Voltage 230 → 400Vac  IP Rating IP20  IP Rating IP20  Phase Three Phase  Phase Three Phase  Maximum Operating Temperature 40°C  Maximum Operating Temperature 40°C  Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C  Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C  Voltage Rating 415 V  Voltage Rating 415 V  Overall Width 190mm  Overall Width 190mm 
RS Components UK ALTISTART 110A 400V, ATS48C11Q
Product Information:

Altistart ATS 48

The Altistart 48 soft start soft stop unit is a controller with 6 thyristors which is used for the torque controlled soft starting and stopping of three phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors.

Drive performance functions:

Exclusive Altistart torque control (patented by Schneider Electric)
Constant control of the torque supplied to the motor during acceleration and deceleration periods (significantly reducing pressure surges)
Facility for adjusting the ramp and the starting torque
Starter can be bypassed using a contactor at the end of the starting period whilst maintaining electronic protection
Wide frequency tolerance for generator set power supplies
Starter can be connected to the motor delta terminals in series with each winding

Machine and motor protection functions:

Built in motor thermal protection
Processing of information from PTC thermal probes
Monitoring of start time
Motor preheating function
Protection against underloads and overcurrents during continuous operation

Functions facilitating the integration of the unit into control systems:

4 logic inputs, 2 logic inputs, 3 relay outputs and 1 analogue
Plug in I/O connectors
Function for configuring a second motor and easy to adapt settings
Display of electrical values and load state

Schneider Electric

Manufactured by Telemecanique

ALTISTART 110A 400V, ATS48C11Q. Part № ATS48C11Q. Manufactured by Telemecanique